There are many events we have lined up to ensure we grow the sport of badminton throughout the country.

Chao Li Chinese Restaurant Membership Discount

As an association, we are delighted to announce the new sponsorship with Chao Li as there are potential benefits for all members of our Badminton Club.

For being members of this great club, the restaurant offers each person a 10% discount on all meals eaten at the restaurant. To help facilitate this promise, the restaurant will be providing members with discount vouchers which should be presented when dining at the restaurant.

Run for Badminton

In a bid to increase awareness and promote the sport, the club will be presenting a 3 day run for badminton challenge where members will run to help bring people together under the sport. The 3-Day event will also include a small badminton tournament between Army Veterans and Retirees with the winners to be presented a winners medal from the head of the association. The event will also include a donation for charities we support as well as a picnic for families and loved ones. To sign up your names for the race, please click here.


All members are to pay the club dues and other levies as these are monies needed to fund projects around the club.

Groundbreaking Launch

There is going to be a launch to flag off the building project which will be used as a facility nurturing young talent. The old facility has come under stress and will be pulled down to pave the way for a brand new outdoor badminton facility. We enjoin everyone to come for this event and help us support our dream to plant the sport in the consciousness of every citizen in the country. The project is dedicated to and built in honour of John Smith who is the foremost player of the sport from the country haven won an Olympic Gold Medal in the Badminton’s Men Singles Tournament.

Although he is long gone, the sacrifices he made for the sport as well as his commitment will be remembered to this day.