There are a few badminton events we handle as well as other social awareness programs to spread our love of the game all over the country. These are some of the events we have on offer:

Men Badminton's Doubles

The men’s badminton doubles is a competition organized by our association for men above the age of 18 to test themselves in semi-professional badminton taking place within the months of January to March and July to September. It is a club event which means for you to register, you must be sanctioned by your club. The winner of this competition wins their club a whopping sum of £2000 and a chance to represent this association in international badminton doubles around the world.

Winner: £2000
Runner Up: £800
Man of the match: £200
Man of the tournament: 500

There will be certificates of participation for all and trivial prizes for the Quarter finalists up to medal level.

Mode of Tournament

The competition will take place at 12 noon to 4pm each day until all groups are sorted. The games shall be contested the best out of three using the 21 point tally system.

Tournament Info

  • This tournament is open to all semi-professional and non-seeded players across the country who are registered with a proper badminton club registered with the requisite bodies in the country.

  • Ranking players are prohibited from participating in this contest.

  • Once the tournament is underway, the decision of the umpire or referee shall be final.

  • All gear and safety equipment shall be purchased by the respective clubs participating in the tournament or their players and we are not liable for any accidents that may occur as a result of disobedience or non-adherence to this rule.

  • In furtherance of the above, all players are to don on the proper attire for playing the sport and any one not obeying this rule will continue to forfeit the match pending when this decision is implemented.

  • All players are advised to maintain the spirit of sportsmanship by showing respect and maintain discipline amongst themselves. Any player found flouting this rule will be immediately disqualified.

  • All players need to be available at the venue 20 mind before the beginning of each game. Failure to adhere to this rule shall lead to automatic forfeiture of the game.

  • Once registered, a club cannot seek for refund. You have the right not to participate in the tournaments once registered but all activities paid for shall be forfeited.

  • The ball to be used for the duration of the tournament is the Supreme Feather Shuttlecock which shall be made available by the organizers.

  • There will be provision of clean drinking water as well as snacks through the tournament and this offer does not include food or drinks.

  • First aid kit will be made available for injured players.

The price for registration in this tournament is £150. Please endeavour to register before the deadline.