It is a trite that playing some sports have immense benefits for your overall wellbeing. Sporting activities today are seen as a more fun alternative to going to the gym. And the use of sports as means of living a healthier lifestyle is on the rise too. Many sports stars are influencers on social media and their toned excellent physique gives fans the reason to keep in shape through the use of sporting activities.

Although not everyone has the required talent or skill to play such a sport at a competitive and even professional level, it does not mean we cannot unlock the potential of using sports as a fitness regimen. Unfortunately, deciding on which sport to use as your own fitness trainer can be a difficult choice. Would you rather for the more popular variety like football or basketball, or would you rather do something more niche defined?

Whichever one you choose, the key is to ensure you extract the best out of it. Nevertheless, before you make your choice, I would like to make a case for badminton and why you should choose this sport as a means of keeping fit and living a healthier lifestyle.

There are many reasons to play the game of badminton. The game is fast-paced. The workout is relatively intense. Badminton is a game that requires tremendous agility and speed which can be achieved when you train regularly. This means there are a lot of health goodies in store when you play the game of badminton on the regular.

Apart from the game (which is intense) preparations towards the game can also begin to reap immediate benefits for your body. However, as with all physical activities, there are downsides to playing the game of badminton. We are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages, weighing each other and delivering a verdict on whether or not you should try out this game to improve your health.


When you try a game of badminton, or tennis and you play till the 21 set match point, you will often find yourself to be exhausted and out of breath by the time the results are in. The game works you out thoroughly, exercising your limbs as well as cardiovascular system. This should give you the idea that there are nice benefits for taking up this sport. The act of dashing from one angle to another shooting the Shuttlecock gives you an overall edge in stamina and strength.

The exertion on your lungs and heart is good for you and when you play regularly, your body gets used to such intense activity. But interestingly, your internal body organs are not the only ones reaping the benefits of this intense body session. Your hands, calls, buttocks and thighs are going to be glad you took up this sport. As you partake in regular sessions of badminton, you will begin to notice some nice muscle tone.

This is your body's response to the physical exertion of the sport and not only is this sexy, but it is a sure sign that you are beginning to build core strength. When you put all these benefits together, there is an overall gain; weight loss. A typical game of badminton can burn down as much as 300 - 500 calories per hour. This is significant especially where you are keeping track of what you eat. A regular game of badminton for a long period of time can help you with your weight loss, making you a fitter, leaner, active machine.

Unfortunately, the game also has its disadvantages. Badminton can cause injuries to the joint because of the over-stretching of muscles and hard floor.


Although this game is not for all types of people, there are many reasons you should play. Try it out today and put yourself on the road to good health.