Our Badminton Association was established with the aim of expanding the game of badminton amongst the youths and the kids of the next generation. We also believe in using this sport as a recreation activity where the young and aged can have the opportunity to relax and keep fit in order to lead healthier lives.

We have a team of past and present players who have offered us their time to manage our association bringing back the passion and values of times past. Apart from this, we have rules and guidelines which can be found in our Constitution and which we take quite seriously.

To truly savour this prestigious sport and learn its history, there is nowhere better than with us. Unlike new clubs and associations springing up around, we keep to the old tradition and purist style of play. We setup this platform for the purpose of achieving our goals which are:

Promoting the Sport

The game of badminton is dying, and this is very sad. Over the years the sphere of influence badminton so proudly wielded has waned. Badminton used to be a sport for royalty but today is no longer followed by youths and kids alike.

We aim to re-ignite the fire and spirit behind the game making sure we spread the game of badminton in every street and town in the country. But the only way we can do it is with you. Together we can bring back the lost days of times past and enjoy the sport again.

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We organize tournaments for children within the ages of 7 upwards, giving them the basics of playing the sport. We use this method to recruit talented youngsters who would like to take their career to a more professional level. Today, we have been able to train not less than 300 children under our care who have gone on to have various careers within the sport.

Structured Playing System

Another aim of ours is to bring back a system where all players of different ages can have access to the game of badminton. We have taken a step forward this goal by offering a center where different satellite clubs can register their members in order to take part in inter-club tournaments and other separate national and international competitions in the duration of the year.

Propagating your club puts you in the right position to grow as well as attract more members to your activities. The essence of these tournaments is to groom players who have the potential to represent the country in international tournaments in the future.

It has come to our painful notice that lately, the United Kingdom has not characteristically impressive in international tournaments – most recently in the last Olympics. By setting the foundation stone for future players to represent us at the world level, we hope they can also inspire the younger generation to have an active interest in the sport.

To find out how you can join us in our goal, contact us with the forms here.